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Xtrem Clips

A jaw-dropping collection of most spectacular extreme sports moments.

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Xtrem Clips

A jaw-dropping collection of most spectacular extreme sports moments.

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Cruise Control

Gpsy Feelin the independent movie production will let you embark on a sensual journey of emotions featuring contemporary electronic music, that will let you lay back andswitch on cruise control. This exclusive soundtrack was collaborated with the french music label Cosmonostro. Starring: Julien Lange, Leo Taillefer, Laurent de Martin, Flo Bastien, Alex Chabod, Pierre Antoine Chedal and Jules Bonnaire.

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SlopeStyle TV

Slopestyle TV is the skiing and snowboarding mountain destination travel series featuring some of the world’s finest alpine riders and resorts. Every episode travel to a new mountain destination and push the limits of powder and terrain park riding while exploring the region’s history, local culture and exciting night life.

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Ride Along

Follow two pro kitesurfers, Linn Svendsen & Jeremie Tronet around the world in this original & high-quality TV series.

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The Pro Tape

The Pro Tape is a mix tape of surfing professionals. Highlights: Dane Reynolds throws up some huge airs. Tom Curren blends old school power with impeccable style. Bobby Martinez has an extended session of going off wave after wave at Rincon Point. Kelly Slater shows style and form. Yadin Nichols steams through some amazing tubes at Santa Barbara’s own Sandspit. The North Shore of Hawaii puts on a display of raw power at Pipeline. Jaime Obrien settles the score, making it clear he is the best surfer Pipe. Mavericks shines with paddle surfers riding down the face of fifty-foot cold perfection.

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Xtrem WaterSports

A fine selection of the most spectacular Xtrem watersports clips ever filmed. A distillation of the craziest footage ever seen, this clip pack is as diverse as it is thrilling ! Unconventional, unusual, 100% adrenaline ! Hold on to your seat, it’s going to be a wild ride !